Paul Klee

artist_KleePaulPaul Klee (German pronunciation: [kleː]) was a Swiss painter of German nationality.[a] His highly individual style was influenced by movements in art that included expressionism, cubism, and surrealism. He was, as well, a student of orientalism. Klee was a natural draftsman who experimented with and eventually mastered color theory, and wrote extensively about it.

Paul Klee: Composition

Klee_Paul-Composition_GOLDENNo.: 2297
Artist: Paul Klee
Title: Composition
Year: 1919
Medium: Oil on Wooden Board
Size: 14 ¾” x 20 ½”

Paul Klee: Untitled

Klee_Paul-Untitled33x52_GOLDENNo.: 2298
Artist: Paul Klee
Title: Untitled
Year: 1912
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 33” x 52 ½”