Tschang-Yeul Kim

artist_tschang_yeul_kimKim Tschang Yeul (born in Maengsan, South P’yŏngan province, Chōsen) is a Korean painter, who has spent most of his career focused on water drops.  Kim attended the College of Fine Arts at Seoul National University from 1948 through 1950. He moved to Paris, France in 1969. In 1996 he was awarded the medal of Knight of Art and Letters, Embassy of France, Seoul. He currently lives in Paris.

Tschang-Yeul Kim: Water Drop

Tschang_YeulKim-WaterDrop_GOLDENNo.: 2311
Artist: Tschang-Yeul Kim
Title: Water Drop
Year: 1988
Medium: Silk Screen
Size: 29” x 44”

Tschang-Yeul Kim: Water Drop XI

Tschang_YeulKim-WaterDropXI_GOLDENNo.: 2317
Artist: Tschang-Yeul Kim
Title: Water Drop XI
Year: 1988
Medium: Lithograph
Size: 40” x 47” F