Victor Vasarely

artist_victor_vasarelyVictor Vasarely, born Hungarian: Vásárhelyi Győző was a Hungarian French artist whose work is generally seen aligned with Op-art. Zebra, created by Vasarely in the 1930s, is considered by some to be one of the earliest examples of Op-art. Vasarely died in Paris in 1997.

Victor Vasarely: Hexas

Vasarely_Victor-Hexas_GOLDENNo.: 2315
Artist: Victor Vasarely
Title: Hexas
Year: 1988
Medium: Silk Screen
Size: 30” x 39”

Victor Vasarely: Three Bubbles

Vasarely_Victor-ThreeBubbles_GOLDENNo.: 2318
Artist: Victor Vasarely
Title: Three Bubbles
Year: 1981
Medium: Silk Screen
Size: 32: x 49” F