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Lloyd Shin Gallery, established in 1974 in the Chicago area has exposed the talents of a wide range of contemporary artists from North and South America, Europe, and the orient. They have focused on flourishing artists such as Alexander Calder, Joan Miro, Francis Bacon, David Hockney, Salvador Dali, Christo, Sam Francis, Antoni Tapies, as well as the Korean masters, Nam Kwan and Kim Ki-Chang, to name a few.  The gallery has also supported the efforts of strong emerging artists including Karin Kirulis, Miles Bair, Marcia Henderson, Alice Joyce, Erik Maakestad and many others. The goal of the Lloyd Shin Gallery, over the years has been to acknowledge the significant artists of today and to discover and develop the new artistic force of tomorrow.


In 1983, Lloyd Shin Gallery opened its second location in Seoul, Korea, becoming one of the first gallery’s in this area to introduce western modern art.  Since there were better than 10 million people in Seoul.  It was important to have a facility in which to expose contemporary artists to an anxious Korean audience.

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

 Pablo Picasso 

Besides galleries in the US and the Orient, Lloyd Shin was one of the principals in establishing the first International Sculpture Park in Seoul. Korea. (1986-86)  Mr. Shin proudly says that, “It was an honor to be one of the very first to bring western talent into Korea, since it has opened many doors culturally to its people.”


Lloyd Shin, founder of the galleries, was awarded by the 1988 Seoul Olympic Committee under the authority of the International Olympic Committee, the position as director and chief curator for the fine art project.  This project included a fine art portfolio and the official fine art posters of the summer games of 1988.  Twenty-five of the major international contemporary artists of our time were commissioned with the themes of “Human Progress”, “World peace”, and “Harmony”.  The artists included Sandro Chia, Eduardo Chillida, Christo, Jim Dine, Kim Tschang-Yeul, Lee Bann, Mimmo Paladino, A.E. Penck, Robert Rauschenberg, Jomaes Rosenquist, Kazuo Shiraga, Rufino Tamayo, and many others.  The artists commissioned ranged in style from the CoBrA Movement, Optical Art, Abstract Expressionism, Kinetic Movement, Metaphisical Synthesism, Oriental Brush Painting, Neo-Expressionism, American Pop to the Avant Garde Movement. A one hunder city exhibition tour was organized by Lloyd Shin Gallery with this project, leaving traces of art history on the environments that were visited.


The gallery has exhibit such artists as Wilhelm Holderied (Germany), Zhou Brothers (China), Tomislav Nikolic (France), Ital Langmar (Italy), and sculpture Jesse Holmes (USA).   Lloyd Shin gallery aims to have a positive impact within the artistic circles of our time by supporting and developing great artists and by exposing their talents to all people worldwide

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